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Khaos Diabetic

Enough Said

16 April
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24yo Pagan, bipolar, Type 1 Diabetic. I was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes October 2000. I was diagnosed with bipolar disorder January 2007. Though we are now not sure if its quite bipolar or just generic depression.

I've been married since July 26, 2007 to my loving husband who is very supportive of me and my diabetes and other problems. I'm currently a freelance web designer/graphic designer. I'm the owner of the blog located at http://faerie-designs.livejournal.com. I just started it. Its right now a help for other designers and those studying to be designers as I am also a college student. The name of my company is Faerie Faith Designs. I'll be starting to set up a website here in the next few weeks to go along with the blog.

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